Cheezy Pete’s Food Truck offers hand-made comfort food, escalated a bit to deliver quality food to the demanding pallet of today’s hungry consumers.  We also take an eco-friendly approach while delivering these items.  We achieve this in several ways:  We use 100% bio-degradable serving accessories (even our beverage straws are bio-degradable paper) and our cups are compostable and do not contain any phthalates or plasiticizers although they appear to be plastic.  Our utensils are made from compostable bamboo as well.  We recycle and re-purpose all of our cooking oil.  We do our best to minimize our impact on the environment. 

At certain events, to extend our brand, we provide a local Magician to entertain guests in line, or while enjoying our food.  That’s part of what makes our Magical Mac and Cheese!